PTA Returned Check Policy


Sarah Smith PTA

Returned Check Policy

Beginning the 2012 – 2013 school year, the Sarah Smith PTA will enact the ONE returned check policy.  The goal of this policy is to help the PTA be the best stewards of all monies entrusted to the PTA.

If anyone has more than one returned check, their privileges to write checks to the PTA will be revoked.  Additionally, if anyone does not reimburse the PTA for returned checks and associated fees, they will no longer be able to write checks to the PTA.

  • Checks returned to the PTA by the bank for any reason will be sent to the issuer along with a letter requesting payment plus reimbursement of bank fees paid by the PTA.  (As of August 6, 2012 the current NSF fee charged to the PTA by Fidelity Bank is $9.00)
  • The issuer will have 14 days from the date of letter to make good on the check and pay any fees.
  • Once the issuer compensates the PTA, they will be allowed to continue writing checks to the PTA.  If the issuer has any additional returned check in the 2013-2014 school year, they will be notified their check writing privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the school year.
  • If the issuer fails to compensate the PTA for the check and associated fees, they will be notified they no longer have check writing privileges with the PTA.
  • Issuers who no longer have check writing privileges can self-monitor and simply refrain from writing checks.  If the issuers continues to write checks we will be forced to put them on the No Check Acceptance List
  • The No Check Acceptance List will be provided to each committee chair which accepts payments.
  • Any Committee Chair not incompliance with the returned check policy will be removed from their position.

Our goal is not to have a No Check Acceptance List, we will work with anyone who would like to resolve their returned checks.

If you have any questions about the policy please contact the PTA Treasurers Elizabeth Barton or Meg Carter


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